Learn to make bots, test apps, and automate tasks with Python

Want to be able to magically make bots that do your work for you? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use Selenium Webdriver to automate tasks, use it for testing applications, and also go into some lesser-known advanced features available with Selenium Webdriver

What is Selenium

Selenium is a tool designed for automating web browsers programmatically. Selenium’s primary use is for automated software testing but it is also commonly used for scraping content where rendering Javascript is necessary and any other activity requiring automation in the browser such as bots.

One of the main selling points of Selenium is that it…

Extendable ReactJS portfolio for beginners

This tutorial will walk you through how to create a basic cryptocurrency dashboard using ReactJS and the free Coinbase API.

The goal for this tutorial is to create an easily extensible base project that you can build off to create your own unique and custom portfolio project. Some potential ideas for how you can add features to this project:

  • Create a card-style layout for each cryptocurrency with routing for more data
  • Add multiple time segments for users to look at historical pricing for each currency
  • Build a trading bot by creating a Coinbase API account
  • Add pagination support to get…

So you want to learn to code but don’t know where to start and are possibly feeling overwhelmed by all the options available. You’ve probably read and heard about hundreds of different websites, courses, books, and other resources. Maybe you’ve spent hours looking at reviews but you still don’t know which programming language to learn or which learning resource to choose.

I know how it feels because I’ve been there before and gone through the struggle of learning how to code on my own and made a lot of mistakes that slowed me down on the way. This is basically…

In this tutorial you learn how to quickly and easily update your website or application favicon dynamically using Javascript and ReactJS.

If you’ve ever used some sort of messaging app in your browser, you’ve probably noticed how the browser tab icon(favicon) will suddenly change when you get a message to notify you even if you are in another tab. This kind of effect is helpful to users and also can boost engagement rates for your application, a win-win. The best part is that adding a cool effect like this only takes a few lines of code!

Video Tutorial and Example

If you prefer a video tutorial to reading, you can watch this, otherwise the written tutorial continues below.

Getting Started

The only…

Get your bot up and running in under 5 minutes

Making a Discord bot can be pretty confusing and intimidating, but don’t worry! This step-by-step guide will have your own bot running in just a few minutes using Javascript and the DiscordJS library to make it easy.

Video Tutorial

What you’ll be making

First, you’ll connect your bot and have it notify you that it’s online, then you’ll gradually add the following functionality:

  • A message reply bot to react to user messages on a given command
  • A message clearing bot that takes a given number and deletes that many messages from the server
  • A moderation bot for automatically kicking or banning users, with role-based restrictions…

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